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Welcome to Costa Rica!

If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica you will find lots of information on this page. We'll point you in the right direction to find a suitable hotel and find out about great activities and tours.

Some of the most popular places include Tamarindo, Samará or Jacó. All of these places also offer huge opportunities for real estate or business. Costa Rica is still developing and therefore offers interesting prices on land and real estate. And yes, as a foreigner you can own land in Costa Rica at 100% and its protected.

If you are looking for vacationing here this is also the place to be. Costa Rica offers a vide range of vacation spots with different climates or activities. Check out below to find a hotel or tour for your stay in Costa Rica.

As for transportation it is recommended to rent a car or motorcycle for traveling. Costa Rica is very small and you can reach every point within less than a day. Even if you want to travel from one ocean to the other (atlantic to pacific). There are also transportation available like public buses or private transport at affordable rates (San José airport to Jacó at 120$).

Costa Rica is also getting more and more known for its great surf spots. After all the costa-rican surf team won the world cup so people had to start paying attention to the country in relation to the sport.

At the end, Costa Rica is most know for its unbelievable natural beauty. Its rainforests are home to countless animals of all sorts. You would miss out if you don't plan any visit to one of the country's national parks. Take a tour and see more flora and fauna you have every seen before in such a small amount of time.

Tip: First night stay at Casa del Suizo

If you are arriving in Costa Rica at night or don't want to travel much on your first day in the country we recommend staying at the Casa del Suizo. This Swiss owned B&B is conveniently located in Alajuela right at the airport (a 7 minute ride from SJO airport) and offers a familiar Atmosphere, perfect for you to acclimate to your new environment.

Visit Casa del Suizo Website

Popular activities around San José and central valle

San José is the capital city of Costa Rica and it is located in the center of the country. It is the biggest city and the surrounding region is home to more than a third of all costa-ricans.

San José is not exactly a beauty of a city but offers a lot in terms of entertainment, food and accommodation. You can go to the cinema, visit galleries, theaters and find some great restaurants. There is also always a place to dance or party, if needed.

Since gambling is legal in Costa Rica you can find quite a few casinos in San José (as well as in many tourist hot spots).

Visit Costa Rica for your medical treatment

As another branch of tourism Costa Rica is finding its place as a medical tourism hot spot in central america. While prices are still affordable costa-ricans are usually well educated and offer great services.

Medical treatment services include but are not limited to dental surgery, plastic surgery or even basic checks and blood analysis.

You can find modern clinics especially around San José but there are treatment centers all over Costa Rica. You should definitely add a couple of weeks at the beach after your treatment.

Private Costa Rica Tour Guide

Costa Rica is an easy country to travel. It is fairly safe and you can see a lot even when traveling by yourself. But there is no comparison to traveling with your private tour guide. An experienced guide will show you the the real Costa Rica and let you experience more than "just" the tourist places.

Nico is tour guide with many years of experience. You can book him for a private tour all year round: Skyhigh Private Costa Rica Tours

Paragliding in Costa Rica

Paragliding has yet to reach the mainstream in Costa Rica. Many people don't even know what it is. For you as a fan of this activity it means uncrowded takeoff-sites and a new view on this beautiful country.

Grab your gear and come down to Costa Rica to experience this fantastic adventure. Read more about Paragliding in Costa Rica here.

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Want to live in Costa Rica?

Do you dream of a new life in Costa Rica? Want to retire here? Or start a business?

Whatever it is you probably have a lot of questions. We help people from all around the world to move to Costa Rica and it all starts with a "real conversation".

Remember: Living here is not like your last vacation. There are quite a few differences. You will most likely not live in a hotel like when you were here as a tourist. You will need a house, health care and learn how to get the things you need.

After a decade in Costa Rica we can find out together with you if this country is right you and your needs. Since we do not sell any real estate or other things, you can be sure that we will tell you the truth. Even if it means to tell you that Costa Rica is not for you!

Contact us now if you are interested!

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Costa Rica ist ein kleines Land in Zentralamerika. Die Destination wird bei Urlaubern aus Europa immer beliebter. Dank mehrerer Flugverbindungen können Sie dieses Land nun aus allen Teilen Europa besuchen (Schweiz ab 2017 auch direkt).

Costa Rica ist bekannt für seine atemberaubende Natur. Auf minimalster Fläche lassen sich 5% aller Tierarten der Welt finden. Dazu bietet das Gebiet wunderbare Landschaften, Regenwälder, Vulkane und wunderschöne Strände.

Costa Rica lässt sich sehr gut alleine mit dem Auto bereisen. Es werden aber auch Touren aller Art angeboten.

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